"Life is great!

Dogs make it better!

Give us a high five if 

you are a dog lover"

CAPED SUPERDOG™ is a traditional family-owned brand.
We are dog lovers. Period.
If you are too then please join us for pup & doggy news, pictures, reviews, giveaways, funny and heart touching stories, care and training advice. We’ll give you something to bark about ;)
About Us
Here you can read about every dog related subject.
Keeping up with your dog is a big job. Thankfully, shopping for pet products doesn’t have to be. If you want the great products for your furry best friend, check our brand shop and our recommendations.
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 and our recommendations

We believe in fighting cruelty and making a life-changing difference for animals.

Here is a list of charities and the other animal foundations we specifically support through CapedSuperdog™. 


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