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Mietek Kolc has a little house dog named Gina that is great for alerting the household to any potential problem.  But there were often occasions when the slightest outside noise would send Gina into a barking fit, even in the middle of the night, and any attempt to soothe and calm Gina down would be in vain.

He tried getting Gina to sleep in his room during the night but the same issues arose.


Mietek heard about the Caped Superdog anti-barking collar from a family friend and decided to give it a go.  We always advise starting off with the beep mode which he followed.  Gina barked a few times the first night but quickly learned to be quiet when hearing the beeping sound.  The first night, as described by Mietek, was amazing.  The second night he never noticed any night barking, not even a peep, at all, so by the third night he decided to remove the collar and the night barking fits have now stopped.  The impact was immediate he said ad the results are peaceful nights for both him and Gina. 


Michal Dudek has a hunting dog named Drops.  He is a 7 year old Beagle with a lively temperament and Michal's best companion.  Weekends are a pleasure and they travel extensively together.  When Michal leaves for work on a Monday morning Drops is terribly upset and barked incessantly until he returned.  Despite the obvious distress for Drops the neighbours complained and even got the police involved. 

Michal was threatened with hefty fines for causing a nuisance with his barking companion.

He was heart broken at the thought of having to give away his beloved companion or worse, having to put him down.

In a last ditch effort to correct Drops' barking, Michal purchased our Caped Superdog No Barking dog collar.

He was super excited that the beep and vibration mode worked it's magic.  Drops is now more content and quiet and is not frightened by the device.

Michal reached out to Caped Superdog to thank us for the fact that he can hold on to his happy four-legged friend and is once again on good terms with his neighbours, and the police.

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