All you need to know about your Pet Tag

Whether they walk on two legs or four, few things stop your heart like a loved-one going missing.


As a thanks for purchasing our product you are getting a FREE QR Pet Tag and FREE Online Membership on PetHub® is US based and widely recognised brand in category of Dog Identification Products. They are amazing in reuniting pets with their human parents.

Over 96% of pets returned home through their PetHub tag make it back in less than 24 hours!!

Take a comfort in knowing that their services are hard at work for you and 100% free, the moment you activate your tag.

How does it work?

You need to create FREE online profile for your pet. It will be linked to the pet tag and have any information you want, including multiple emergency contacts, license & rabies tag numbers, microchip data, critical medications, and more.


When someone finds your pet they can get it home in 3 ways:

  1. Scanning a QR code

  2. Typing in the tag's web address

  3. Or calling PetHub’s 24-hour “Found Pet Hotline”

       What service do you get ?

           Every pet tag from us includes:

User Account & Unlimited Profiles

A single ID links to a free Online profile showing microchip #, licence #, rabies tag #, medications, emergency contacts, and much more.

You can keep your contact information up to date anytime, anywhere. And if you want you can add additional e-mails and phone numbers as needed.

Data Storage

Pet profiles can also be used to store: vaccine history, medication information, behavioral notes, and  anything about your dog you want to keep track of. The information you choose to save in your dog's profile can help the call centre in case your furry friend gets found by a stranger.

Dedicated 24x7 "Lost Pet Hotline"

No matter where or when your pet is found

- there is always someone ready to help. PetHub have around-the-clock 'pet hot line' that connects someone finding your pet with you and anyone else on your pet's 'friend ' list (spouse, sitter, vet, etc.).

Printable Profile

When a pet goes missing, the last thing you want to be doing is designing a flyer instead of getting out there and looking form them.

PetHub offers printable profiles with all information needed about your missing dog, available at the click of a button.

Advice from Caped Superdog™

When should your dog wear ID tag? ALL THE TIME! 

There is no way to predict natural disasters, accidents, an open gate, or emergency situations. Protect your pet with a collar and ID at ALL TIMES!

Want more?

Take advantage of PetHub 'Cat's Pajamas' membership

Upgrade and for less than $5 a month you can get these additional service:

  • Instant alerts (text and e-mail) are sent to you and your pet's "Friends" with details of where your pet was found, the name and phone number of the rescuer, and more.

  • Alerts to shelters and vets in a 50-mile radius. PetHub has a database of 13,000 shelters in North America that pet owners can use to broadcast that their pet is missing (and include a link to their pet's PetHub profile).

  • GPS mapping. When QR tag is scanned with a Smartphone, they pull GPS data from that phone. Information  they receive is sent to you as a map (so you know where the person with your pet is).

Do I have to replace my pet’s tag each year?

You'll need to check your local laws as to when a tag needs to be replaced (some dogs have annual, 2-year, 3-year or lifetime tags). 

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