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Can my dog eat that? Human foods you should never give your dog.

Updated: Mar 28, 2018

Since, it is not your dog who has got that masters degree from the country college, so it won’t comprehend the difference between healthy and hazardous foods. There are so many food items which may put your dog at risk. Most of the times, people unknowingly feed their dogs with wrong foods. The information given below will certainly help you out with keeping your loved furry companion away from such risks.

Did you know that some human food could kill your dog?

Let’s face it—dogs are not known for being fussy eaters. Some dogs will eat anything and everything they can get into their mouth. This isn’t a big problem with many human foods, but there are a few that could be potentially fatal to your dog.


While a tiny bite here and there may not hurt most dogs, it could kill others. Dark chocolate and baking chocolate are especially hazardous. For small dogs, chocolates are a fatal food while for larger ones; it is a serious threat to health. Reason is a chemical substance called theobromine that causes increase in blood pressure and heart rate.


Onions are another no-no for your dog. There are chemicals in onions that turn to poison within the dog’s digestive system. Onion can cause hemolytic anemia and in some cases death.

This is true of some strains of mushrooms as well. Rather than take the chance, it is important to keep both these substances out of your dog’s reach.


Garlic is another culprit. The toxic effect of this spice is quick.


Any kind of seed could cause problems in your dog. While most will only cause discomfort and possible vomiting, seeds such as apple seeds can be fatal. If you have a dog that likes to investigate the garbage, it is important to make sure he can’t get to these.

Chicken bones are another hazard to dogs, as are those of turkey and duck. These bones tend to shatter and the sharp pieces can poke a hole in your dog’s stomach or intestine.

Raw eggs

Eggs are extremely beneficial food for dogs. It has protein in the most concentrated form that makes it so highly valuable for them. However, consuming them in uncooked form is really unhealthy for your dog. In fact, raw egg whites are said to bind to any biotin which a dog swallows and stops it from getting absorbed. Cooked eggs can be fed to dogs but that too in normal quantity.

Cat food

Dogs like cat food because of its high fat content, but it is not good for them. It does not have proper balance of nutrients to fulfill their diet.

Raw salmon and chilly

These two can make your dog prone to bacterial infection which can lead to severe inflammation of bowels and may result in death.

Dogs are known for eating many things a human stomach cannot handle. This, however, does not mean they can eat all a human can. To be safe, make sure foods are not left where your dog can discover them. The most innocent looking item could be the one that kills your dog. A few minutes of caution can save a lifetime of sadness should you lose your dog.

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