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First puppy

We are a family of three and that recently sprouted to four when our three year old son begged and pleaded for us to get him a puppy. We planted the seed since he was born so no surprise, we all wanted a family dog. We named our chocolate brown labrador puppy Dexter.

So back we went to "potty" training and crying in the middle of the night, a parent's job never ends. Julian would sit for hours cuddling Dexter and playing ball with him.

Caring for a puppy can be fun and a good learning experience for children. Labrador's are particularly good with young children who tend to be obliviously over robust with pets.

Puppies have very fine and sharp teeth and biting is part of their learning experience. When they are together in their litter they bite one another and the boundaries are set by each other. A bite that reaches the pain threshold results in a reactionary yelp or snap back. So it is up to you to lay this boundary by "yelping" if you feel their teeth beginning to chew. Also, move away or ignore them for 30 seconds and they will learn that too much chewing is not a game. Everyone in the house should do this or expect to become the chewee of choice. They can be trained to chew certain toys, it is after all part of their exploratory nature. It is important to ensure that they know which toys can be chewed. Shoes are normally on their level and become a favourite but they will soon be trained by your reaction if you catch them doing this.

Puppies crave attention, affection and comfort but too much of any particularly when they whine while alone can lead to bad habits so, although difficult, try to avoid constantly "rescuing" your puppy when they are alone for short periods. Once the whining stops they could turn to chewing for comfort but if they have nothing chewable when they are alone and bored they cannot chew so that is one way to avoid sofas, shoes, etc. from being bitten to pieces.

Good luck.

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